The world is in trouble.

The Prime Material Plane has been damaged and the rest of the Great Wheel is soon to follow, due in large part to the elves selfishness in their attempt to partition themselves from the world. The guardinals and archons did what they could, sacrificing themselves in traversing the Astral Sea to come into the Material Plane, hoping to patch the rift. Though all they could do was slow the leak of energy and eventually their lives were given to the cause, however fruitless it might seem in hindsight. They were able to dam the flow of astra into the world and make sure that the Prime Material would at least stay in tact until they, or someone wiser than them, could figure a way to stop and possibly even reverse the effects of the planar rift.

Meanwhile, beasts of horrid imagination (which is a description much closer than you would like to believe) were able to flow through the rift and into this world. As the elves gate cut a pathway directly through the Wheel, each plane that rotated through it would have a direct route from their home into ours. Creatures of shadow and light, earth and fire, and energies of unimagined power crept forth and invaded the Material Plane. Fortunately, the boundary that the archons were able to set kept the majority of these monstrosities at bay – Though that isn’t to say that some, more powerful than imagined or more cunning that planned, weren’t able to slip through into freedom from the battle royale slaughter that continually persisted within the astra.

Because of the chaos surrounding the rift, there were several consequences that effected the people forced to live within the Material Plane. For one, this plane had been a prime source for arcane energy and arcanic devices created by powerful men and beings. However, when the rift was open it was not unlike pulling a plug from a drain, letting all of the arcane energies flow out into the Astral Sea. The great mages who had spent a lifetime – some more than their own – studying and perfecting their arcane arts had found themselves powerless, as the energy leaked from their bodies. Men who had created great weapons and tools which harnessed the arcane had found their items no better than a common blacksmith’s. A small child born with brilliant sparkling orange eyes, within a matter of hours was looked upon again to have nothing but common grey. There was nothing special anymore in the world.

When people realized that they were in trouble and a blight had struck their world, they did what any person would have done – they turned to their deities for help and advice. They begged and pleaded for assistance from those with great power. Though no voices were heard. No help came. The problem was that the deities could not hear the voices of their patrons. The rush of astra and arcane through the rift created a noise and chaos which the deities could not overcome. They had effectively been cut off from the Material Plane. Without communication with their gods, the people of the plane began to lose faith, soon abandoning their deities and turning to despair and lose with no comfort.

With their patron’s faith waning and with it their divine power, they found that the situation erupting in the Great Wheel was becoming overwhelming. The Prime Material was not the only plane in trouble, as the rift had cut through the Great Wheel it allowed travel to every plane, so long as the path lined up. Demons, devils, and primordials rose up to destroy those who had forced them into the far reaches and recesses of the planes. This was the dawn of a great war between the deities and those who had craved their power for eons.

Unlocking the World

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