A city built on the side of a hill at the northern face of The Breach, it lies on the southern side of the Shimmer Ridge. Settled a decade or so ago, the Kharzak dwarven clan lead the dwarves out of the Underdark and back to the surface, only to find a world fraught with danger and destruction. With the help of the Hammerfoot clan, they built sturdy stone walls that would hopefully protect them from any outside enemies that could potentially wipe them out. Captain Nan Letoshek, leader of the dwarven army who marched back from the dark, became the involuntary leader of the city.

However, when more people began to flock from the north, west and south to the safehaven of the Amberstone walls, arguments about how to run the city began to erupt. Eventually, a fight broke out between the founding dwarven clans and the new group of former slaves lead by a man named Bryman Gobra.

After several weeks of clashes within the city walls, along with persistent attacks on travellers and tradesmen on the roads leading to Amberstone, the military was worn thin. Those that weren’t already captured or killed were forced to flee into the mountains or to a neighboring town of Bellegard on the coast.

However, the battles had scared off most of the traders and farmers from the city limits and surrounding areas. Since Gobra and his men have taken control of Amberstone, they have been running off of the reserve foodstuffs along with whatever they were able to gather from the abandoned farmlands. They continued their raiding of caravans as long as they could, however people have stopped using the roadways near the cities and stopped trade routes from Bellegard to Amberstone entirely.


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