The lottery to determine the congress in Brestead takes place in the spring every third year. Due to the relative isolation of the village political and social change is very slow. So, as each subsequent congress takes up the mantle of leadership, they normally follow the direction of the former congress. Even though it is not a popular election, there are nevertheless attempts to curry favor and jockey for position; this occasionally leads to cries impropriety. Garl Rothfeld is one of those who believe that the lottery is fixed: He’s a 50ish year old man, slightly stooped, gray haired and will complain your ear off whenever he gets the chance.

When the new oracle was discovered in the area around Brestead, this began to challenge the accepted practices of the congress. As word of the oracle spread small numbers of determined individuals began to make pilgrimages to the village. The influx of new people – some of whom stayed on in Brestead – began to question the status quo.

Lephidiles Talberon was just elected in the spring. He is a merchant in town and he runs a small tailor shop. His wife is Sepherene Talberon. She has been unhappy in her marriage for a while since she feels that Lephidiles spends too much time at work. She had entertained thoughts of leaving him, but when he was chosen for the congress she decided to stay to see what she may get out of it. As it turns out what she got was a lot of halfling loving; but that’s another story.

The inn and tavern in town is known as the Staggering Nymph. This is usually where most ruffians and frequent tradesman can be found when they’re around. The owner’s name is Calden Beck; a 30ish year old human. He has a quick wit and boyish charm. He has an easy relationship with most visiting traders, so they’re left to ply their various trades and tasks with minimal interruption in his establishment.


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