Bryman Gobra

Once held in a slave camp by a hobgoblin clan in the north, Bryman built his strength and determination from the stone, earth, and wood that he was forced to haul. It was over three years him and the rest of the resistance members that were captured, and it wasn’t until almost a dozen of the slaves were sacrificed upon the completion of a temple that they had been pushed to their breaking point. A group of men, lead by Bryman, staged a revolt and escaping to the south.

They traveled for almost a month until they finally came across a small camp. They travelers, who’s numbers had dwindled to just ten, were malnurished and nearly out of water. Only a few days away from dehydration, the men found salvation in the civilians within the camp. After recuperation, they were pointed towards a new encampement that was looking for soldiers and workers alike. With a new destination and goal, the group headed to Amberstone.

When they finally arrived in Amberstone, they were caught off guard by the sight of the dwarves. However, what troubled Bryman and his men even more was the acceptance of goblins into the society! A tribe of the green-skins had been traders with the hobgoblin clan and often bought slaves from them. Even worse, they would use these slaves not for manual labor, but instead for sacrifice and sport.

On the other hand, Bryman had nothing against the dwarves; in fact, after hearing the stories of their battle in the Underdark and the freeing of several encampments to the south he felt a slight brotherhood with them. However, he could not help them with the safe-haven of the goblins and therefore refused to help Captain Letoshek with assistance needed within Amberstone. It was at this point that he began gathering soldiers and fighters for his mercenary group who would provide assistance to those who needed it…so long as they were in favor of the purification of Amberstone and the rest of the lands they loved so much.

Under the guise of banditry, Bryman and his men raided caravans and travelers along the roadways in order to stir up a scare within the city and shake the faith of the military. Once murmurings began within the city, he sent out people to start rumors of food and equipment shortages so that they could shake the very base of the Captain’s seat of power. From that point on, it was easy to rally citizens to form mobs that would create distractions to pull the military into the middle of the city where Bryman’s men could then strike. Even the volunteer militia couldn’t help Amberstone from the onslaught of the ex-slave soldiers. Whomever wasn’t captured or killed, ran into the hills or to Bellegard for safety.

After that, Bryman put himself into the seat of power. He ordered the gates of Amberstone shut and the fields outside of the city ravaged for any food and supplies that they could find. Him and his closest advisors have sat in fair comfort for several months now, while the city and people around them slowly crumble.

Bryman Gobra

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